• Stacking chairs, brown, cardboard, fun design game, artistic sculpture


    These are chairs that can be piled up, stacked, left scattered on the floor or grouped into random shapes of difficult equilibrium. But whatever we do with them, this game lets us play with the most primitive rules, those of a child trying to challenge himself and to dare balance itself by stacking objects using the freest of artistic expression.
  • LOS TABURETES_Ludus Ludi_pico pao_1800x1800


    Our spine is the schematic representation of a tree trunk. Its function is that of sustaining and supporting, but its ultimate reason for being is to hold up its branches, which in turn carry leaves, blossoms and fruit.
  • LAS ESCALERAS_ludusludi_picopao_game


    Ladders are the symbol of paradise lost, of that unattainable paradise. They seduce us because with them we can climb to the heights, much as we did in our previous life as primates. Climbing, forever upwards: it seems an aspiration in itself. Fruit, hanging from branches that are out of reach.
  • el-balancin_ludusludi_picopao_game-1000x1000_3


    This game is based on two of the oldest and most basic play activities known: stacking and balancing. People have been playing with these elements since the dawn of time. Both possibilities - standing up or falling over - can be equally exciting.
  • los-arcos_ludusludi_picopao_game-1000x1000_3


    The game of the arches could also be called the game of strokes. Each piece is a line that can make drawings in the air, i.e. three-dimensional drawings. Drawing lines in the air and marveling at the forms that are created, pushing the boundaries of balance, interpreting the unexpected abstract and figurative forms that emerge... this is what the game consists of.
  • A-ESCADA_ludusludi_picopao_game-1_3


    A ESCADA is a ladder and a board. Together these elements come into balance, as can be seen in the suggestions images. Once the delicate balance between the ladder and the board is understood, it naturally becomes an open toy, allowing other elements to come into play and make it more complicated. There are no limits. We invite you to use any other object as a counterweight, for example: keys, a glass full of water, changing the board for a spoon or an egg, placing another ladder… these are just a few ideas. The interesting thing about the game is that each player can discover for himself the physical forces that serve to keep the ladder in balance.
  • los-bancos_ludusludi_picopao_game-1000x1000_2


    Every object contains within itself its own archetype, a link to the time and the world to which it belonged. An old school desk can carry us back in time, evoking countless personal recollections while bringing to life the emotions associated with that particular period of our lives. In the same way, what is today the latest model of a cell phone will, with the passage of time, come to remind us of these days and of the world that created and used it. Objects serve to tell the story - and the history - of the people and the society in which they existed.
  • CIRCULO_ludusludi_picopao_1b
    circulo game, creative options, geometrical abstract sculpture blue and yellow


    CÍRCULO is a game that involves a very simple mechanical force, pressure, but the results, always surprising, seem haphazard. The circular ring is placed on a table, and different pieces will be put inside without any order or position. Then, the combination is pressed turning the screw. The pieces are moved by the pressure until they fit and the screw stops. When lifting the ring, it may happen that some parts fall down; those which remain inside will form figures that will surprise us.

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