About woods

About woods
17 September, 2016

We wanted to create a library of different woods since we realized how many different we already had. There were also several books and catalogues in our workshop, where each page is a thin sheet of wood, sheets empty of words. But where you find so many stories, through the veins, the textures, the colors, like if you were reading an amazing tale. As a result, we decided to try to make a library and a game at the same time. Finally we came with this special Jenga with 51 different woods.

We wanted to make that this library of different woods, to play with it, and eventually it would grow up. It could become an element to create different games, to build compositions, to balance, to discover the wood: the smell, the weight, the name… To realize how different could be two different pieces of wood from the same tree.

Every time in the workshop, while we engrave the woods with the name of the tree from which they come, we realize how different the same tree can be. And every time we enjoy again the smell of each timber left when is burned in the process of engraving. Open a box full of small samples of Red Cedar, it is an experience, deep and very evocative. Or the different kind of pines. Or the weight of the African woods…

EL BOSQUE (The Forest) blocs, form a log of wood in many different woods and to save it, a box is created with a certain poetic because it opens like a flower. The first time we met to appoint all woods, we found many interesting websites to extract information. We have been comparing names, as there are many trees that remain the same, with various names… We could not find a single place of where to extract all the information we needed, so we made a compilation, which also serves to contrast between them.

library of different woods

Here you can finds some web links to know more about wood. We hope you can find out even more species that, maybe, one day will be part of our library of different woods:

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