Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller
5 August, 2016

Buckminster Fuller, also known as “Bucky Fuller” was a very inquieta person to make himself questions and trying to find their answers. Along his work career, he was an architect, designer, inventor and writer. He even created a game, called “The World Game”. He was a theoric creative, as much of his projects were never became reality. This was used by his critics to question his importance on the fields he developed his career. Maybe he was more interested in finding the questions than in the material result. He was very concerned about the sostenibility of the human being, and he tried to reuse wastes to give them a second life, he was one of the first enviromentalists.

In their research for the optimization, he created his famous geodesic domes, bulky structures, very light, that worked very well based in the tension of each element, which provides a very good balance for each structure.

During his experimentation, Buckminster Fuller developed beautiful structures, due its apparent fragility and their real fastness owing to the tension that link every element.

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Some interesting quotes by Buckminster Fuller can be found on Wikiquote:

“Don’t fight the forces, use them”

“Doing more with less.”

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