Monocle & Pico Pao

Monocle & Pico Pao
21 June, 2016

We are very proud for the article Monocle Magazine wrote about us.

We are very pleased to invite and and read the article Liam Aldous wrote about the history behind Pico Pao and discover how our uncles started our atelier in a small village of Zamora (Spain) more than 30 years ago redesigning and manufacturing traditional games (Juegos de la Antigüedad) from all over the world; but also photo cameras, pre industrial looms and anything related with wood… And how 4 years ago, all together, we created a new modern collection of games (Ludus Ludi) to develop games without rules, with the only intention of creating, experimenting…

This is how it begins: “Dotted with medieval villages and castles, the road leading to the northwestern Spanish town of Zamora is filled with imagery plucked from the pages of a fairytale. And much like an ancient fable, the toy brand Pico Pao began with the chance discovery of a dusty old book”

Here you can read the whole article

The Specialist/ Issue 83 Monocle Magazine: