Is it an inanimate object or is there something in it that gives it life? Could it be that he reminds us of the messenger boy, the newspaper vendor, the shoeshine or the apprentice of any number of jobs – one who depends on his arms and legs to carry out these menial jobs in order to scrape by? Where does our sympathy for an object come from? Where do our emotions spring from -weak and subtle as they may be – where if not from the emotions of life itself and the spirit that animates it?

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In Bolivia, where some 300,000 children depend on doing menial jobs for their and their families’ survival, thousands of these children have taken to the streets to protest a law that would penalize this kind of work. In doing so they’ve have left us in a moral quandry: we condem them to live in poverty and then we impose our morality on them. We feel that we should decide everything for them, we are their law. El Notas gives us his cheer and his willingness to be the messenger boy. As he holds up our notes and flashes the smile of someone who knows how to hustle for a living, we can’t help but admire those whom poverty has forced to mature so quickly.

Author: Javier Bermejo. Made by: PICO PAO
Made by: PICO PAO

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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 11.5 × 2 cm

MDF wood
Cloth peg springs

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