The tightrope walker balances over the precipice, risking life and limb as he walks over the thinnest of threads. They are not actors; rather, they relive what is essentially their life away from the wire. We are all tightrope walkers, though some more than others. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all balanced on the edge. That is what they are trying to tell us.

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Their walks are as fleeting as life itself. Life depends on one thin wire and on keeping our load balanced. A writer once said that we shouldn’t use the expression “to be hanging on”. We believe that you cannot look at a tightrope walker without seeing the void under him and his struggle with his load as a confrontation with death. Otherwise, what’s the point of witnessing this kafkian heroe who has chosen to search for beauty in this extreme gesture of desperation and madness?

Author: Javier Bermejo. Made by: PICO PAO

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